The Advantages of Working With a Healthcare Staffing Agency | healthcare

Why choose a healthcare staffing agency when looking for a job?There has been a lot of bad rap about healthcare staffing agencies in the past. This is mainly due to some agencies’ inability to get their applicants a job or the unpleasant work environment in facilities where they are placed. Not to mention that some of these agencies overwork their clinicians and underpay them. Although some of these stories are true, healthcare staffing firms that are legitimate, professional and dedicated have a lot to offer a healthcare professional who is looking for a job. Below are a few reasons why you should consider going through an agency to get a job in a healthcare facility.IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO THE BEST OPPORTUNITIES: In an effort to reduce costs and minimize the management attention necessary in dealing with complex hiring processes, a lot of facilities including some of the best and largest, outsource recruitment and other human resource management tasks to healthcare staffing agencies. When facilities start dealing with agencies, the agencies are the first to know of any vacancies coming from the facilities. Not only do these agencies get the latest information on the facilities needs, but they also get job postings that may not be immediately available to the public.INDUSTRY EXPERTISE/CAREER COUNSELING: For established agencies, their years of experience in the industry have made them experts in dealing with human resource concerns. As recruiters that have dealt with numerous situations with applicants, they can suggest how you could maximize your potential from the variety of options they give. Your recruiter will have more time with you, while a few of them even provide character assessments and personality tests; this means they will have an in-depth look at your skills, qualifications and traits and will therefore be able to intelligently advise you. Remember that these agencies want you to be in an environment where you could excel as they are compensated by the quality of people they send to the facility — quality which is determined by your work performance.QUALITY SUPPORT SYSTEM: Although facilities human resource departments vary from one another, the assistance it can provide its healthcare workers is usually no match to the support services that a healthcare staffing agency can give its applicants. Facilities are focused on patient care and in working with you to deliver the best care possible, while healthcare staffing agencies make it a point to highly focus on you — the provider of care. Agencies are specialized and dedicated in guiding you in your career. They want to ensure that you are comfortable and well-adjusted to your new job. Staffing companies will try to send you to a place where you will feel most secure, and the will provide housing and relocation assistance, if necessary. They will even provide follow-up calls to check if you are adjusting well to the job and your new environment. With their years of experience in assisting healthcare workers in the field, they know and can provide you with what you need to excel in your career.IMMIGRATION SUPPORT: It is true that the nursing shortage has provided special pathways for nurses trained abroad to become US immigrants. But many facilities do not have the time, knowledge or people that can assist you in processing your immigration papers to be able to legally stay and work in the US. Healthcare staffing firms have dedicated departments whose main focus is to recruit applicants from other countries. This in-house department has experienced staff who are knowledgeable of the necessary immigration requirements. They will also guide you on the process of completing your licensure requirements, and their assistance can extend to helping you find housing in your assigned location.Although the benefits and services that agencies offer differ, what they can provide you will be extremely helpful in getting you the best job that will fit your skills, personality and preferences. By going to the right healthcare staffing firm to find employment, you get special access to some of the best healthcare opportunities out there, as well as quality support that is guaranteed to put you on track to career excellence.

Car Transportation Services – Hire the Most Reputed One | transportation

Your car is one of your most precious possessions that you would like to protect under all circumstances. In case you are relocating to a new city, transporting your car can be one of your primary concerns. In case you decide to drive your car all the way to your new location, you must consider the long distance, the strain of endless driving and the safety risks involved in such journeys. Hence, it is wise to hire a reliable and efficient car transportation service that can help with moving your car in the safest manner, thereby saving you a great deal of worries and strains. Let us discuss the various important points that you need to consider while looking for an efficient service:Experience: A reputed company has extensive experience in providing efficient services resulting in huge numbers of customers availing their services every time they need. An extensive customer base is one of the most significant factors that speak loads about the efficiency and reliability of these companies. Moreover, owing to the large volume of their business, they are able to offer attractive rates for the services they provide. They also offer various multiple car transport price discounts enabling you to avail their services at extremely reasonable and affordable rates.Payment Options: Look for a car transportation service that is open to all kinds of payment methods. They should accept all significant means of payment such as credit cards, personal checks, e-checks and cashier’s checks. They should also allow some other methods such as money orders and cash upon delivery.Timely Transportation: The time taken by most reputed enterprises to transport a vehicle countrywide is around 7 to 14 days starting from the day they pick up the vehicle. However the transport time varies according to the distance they have to cover and the routes they have to follow.Convenient Systems: An efficient transportation service is capable of making the entire process of car delivery extremely convenient and methodical. They provide you the facility and convenience of obtaining free transport quotes on the phone or online, confirming your order in the same way, and tracking the delivery of your vehicle by using their online tracking system.Transport Multiple Cars: In case you are relocating to a new place with your entire family, you would certainly require transporting multiple cars. Reputed enterprises mostly offer special discounted rates for transporting multiple vehicles.License: It is extremely important to hire a transportation company that has the license and permission to offer these services. Some of the significant advantages that you get from reputed companies are full inspection of vehicle, door to door transportation and insurance coverage. These features ensure that your vehicle remains safe with the transportation service and you get good value for the money you spend.Make sure you check the reputation of a car transportation service before hiring them. One of the most convenient ways of doing it is to check online for customer reviews and testimonials. The reputation of a company speaks loads about their efficiency and reliability.